I’m probably the least likely person you’d paint with the ‘introvert’ brush. I’m not shy, but I do value one-one-one conversations. I do a lot of my best thinking when I’m alone, either traveling, walking, or biking. I’m reflective, I find the world around me to be incredibly distracting, but I see beauty in (most of) it. I’m a bit of a control freak by times, so naturally I’m a little calcuated in my madness. I like simple things – eating outside, lakes, being in the snow, Saturday mornings, the luxury of wearing spandex (when I’m not at work), good wine, a full belly of laughter. I’m an adult on paper, but I still feel like I’m eighteen, and I dont intend to change that despite the judgment of fellow “adults”.

My general attitude in life is to be present, don’t plan too much, don’t try too hard to figure out how you’re feeling , just see what happens. Take things for what they are, don’t get too used to anything or you might take it for granted, and if you never get lost, you might never be found. Soak it all in because you’ve only got one shot. Positive acceptance is helpful, particularly if you want to learn to live with minimal fear – accepting whatever you’re feeling and experiencing, but choosing an action and putting your best foot forward. Less thinking, more doing. After all, everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Professionally, I’m a mixed bag. It’s funny how you can go to school to get direction and you come out with alternate paths and deviations. I like to think that was my insurance for not boring myself in my ‘career life’. I come from a marketing diploma, a professional writing certification, and an unnecessary, heaping amount of English literature interpretation from a degree I never liked. What am I doing now? Digital communications, multimedia, and I’m becoming a self-taught photographer and graphic designer. Not terribly far off, but not something you’d think you’d end up doing when so much of your university time was spent learning Chaucer.

Anything can happen. Don’t limit yourself, and think again when you feel like you are limiting yourself by trying out a discipline. The more doors you open (whether they seem useless or not), there’s usually something unexpected on the other side of it. And never stop learning. We’re in a time where you can be almost anything you want (with the exception of a doctor, lawyer, or engineer) by turning to the web for open source education and the abundance of information.

Favorites include snowboarding, volleyball, swimming in lakes, dressing up, trampolines (a new love), taking photos, the occasional sketch, coffee shops on a rainy day, and fitness in general. I’m female, so fashion and design is sort of a given. I love (and make a point of) trying new things and I thrive on adventure.

Go out there and get what you want. This world is yours. ☮


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